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About Us

Lawniac is a team of legal experts who not only have theoretical knowledge but also have practical knowledge in the field of law. Our team consists of experts from a diverse field of law. We are lecturers and advocates who are passionate about imparting our knowledge for the benefit of future lawyers. Our aim is to ensure that the students excel in the legal field of their choice by accompanying them in their journey towards legal fraternity. 


With the support of a team of adroit and deft professionals, we have been able to provide classes for law subjects. These professionals are also instrumental in analyzing a student's career goals and then providing the best placement assistance for all, complimentary to the course being attended by the students.


 Our goal is to help students in not only their studies but also in identifying and successfully applying their knowledge in the legal branch right for them.


 Lawniac Institute of Law is a Pune (Maharashtra, India) based company. The founder, Ms. Neha Gaur not only has the requisite qualification but also years of experience in teaching law. She has a diverse portfolio of subjects with experience of teaching various subjects law. She's a passionate teacher with immense love for her students.

Our Mission and Goal
To help students through their journey towards legal fraternity.

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